Winter whites. Top tips for keeping your white horse looking as white as possible this winter.

The struggle is real If you own a grey horse! The stains from dung and urine can be particularly difficult to shift, but don't worry, there are some weapons you can have in your arsenal in the fight against the non white horse in winter time!
My first tip would be that prevention is better than the cure! So arm yourself with an effective mud barrier like the good old fashioned Pig Oil (don't worry, its not derived from pigs, but is traditionally used by farmers for their pigs!) This is a great oil that encourages mud to slip off the horse's coat rather than get stuck on, so makes your grooming job that little bit easier.
Also an essential is a tail bag. Plait the tail put the bag on, and turn out. Voila, the tail stays stain free.
A turnout hood which covers the horse's head is also a good option for preventing mud sticking to your horse's hard to wash face.
As for washing, good 'ol washing up liquid is great for tails, but not recommended for coming into contact with your horse's skin as it can strip the natural oils. 


Ketchup for yellow tails! Its all about the acid! Coat your horse’s tail in the red stuff, leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off. The ketchup itself does not stain the tail but its acidity helps to remove the yellow staining. Yum!


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